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2nd October 2023

Content syndication is an effective way to repurpose and distribute your content to new and targeted audiences. 

As a popular B2B demand generation strategy, there are several benefits to running content syndication campaigns. However, before we jump into the benefits, what is content syndication?! 

What Is B2B Content Syndication? 

B2B content syndication is a content marketing and lead generation strategy.

Content syndication involves hosting and distributing your B2B content to platforms and websites you don't own. For example, at Headley Media we run content syndication campaigns on behalf of our technology clients, across over portfolio of over 265 content syndication platforms.

B2B content syndication aims to reach new and relevant audiences and generate high-quality leads. Most commonly, you'll work with a specialist content syndication agency to deliver your campaigns.  

What Are the Benefits of Content Syndication Lead Generation? 

The benefits of content syndication include:  

  • Guaranteed lead volumes
  • Repurposing your content
  • Budgeting with confidence 
  • Reaching the right audiences 
  • Providing value to your target audience

Let's explore each of these content syndication benefits in more detail.

Content Syndication Benefit #1 - Guaranteed Lead Volumes 

The most important benefit of content syndication lead generation is your ability to generate high-quality B2B leads. 

Unlike other lead generation tactics, content syndication is predictable.  

When you run your content syndication lead generation with a specialist agency, they'll be able to provide you with a pre-agreed and guaranteed number of leads your campaign will generate. Perfect for planning how you'll manage and nurture your leads when delivered. Take a look at our content syndication and lead generation process as an example.

Plus, a reputable content syndication supplier can drip feed your leads, so it's easier for you to manage.

For example, at Headley Media, most of our clients choose to have their leads delivered weekly. 

Content Syndication Benefit #2 - Repurposing Your Content  

With content syndication, every marketer's dream of repurposing content can become a reality. And who doesn't want to make their content work harder for them? We certainly do! 

Content syndication repurposes your content and doesn't even require you to edit, tweak or change your existing content. Instead, you just need to choose which piece(s) of content you want to use and what audiences you want to reach. 

If you're thinking, "But where do I host my content to generate high-quality and relevant B2B leads?" Well, we've got the answers for you!  

Most commonly, content syndication for lead generation is delivered in partnership with a specialist lead generation supplier. With that in mind, choosing a transparent supplier who can show you where they host your content and how they generate your leads is essential. 

A trustworthy supplier will host your content on their websites and share it with their professional audiences, showing you where your content is distributed and who it's distributed to.

Content syndication is kind of our thing here at Headley Media, so to help you choose a reputable content syndication supplier, we've created a Quality Lead Generation Checklist to use when vetting your suppliers.

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Content Syndication Benefit #3 - Budget With Confidence  

Another key benefit of content syndication campaigns is knowing how far your budget will stretch.

"How does content syndication help you budget with confidence?", we hear you ask.

Well, content syndication campaigns are typically delivered using a fixed cost-per-lead (CPL) approach. 

Although other lead generation methods, such as PPC or LinkedIn, allow you to control how much you spend, they can't guarantee how much a lead will cost you or how many leads your campaign will generate. 

For example, we syndicate content for our clients to our global audience of senior technology professionals and decision-makers via our six brands.

Our global audience, combined with our years of lead generation experience, enable us to deliver guaranteed lead volumes to our clients based on their objectives. Plus, we always deliver our content syndication campaigns based on a pre-agreed and fixed CPL with our clients.

Taking a fixed CPL approach helps you confidently budget as you'll know the exact number of leads your budget will generate before your campaign begins.

Content Syndication Benefit #4 - Reaching New Audiences 

To create demand, you need to reach new audiences. But you also need to reach the right new audiences. 

Content syndication enables you to reach new and relevant audiences locally or globally. 

When you work with a specialist in content syndication lead generation, they should syndicate your content via websites, channels, or platforms they own - if you aren't sure they do, then check. They should only promote your content to their relevant, professional audiences. 

For example, we run B2B lead generation campaigns for our technology clients across the most relevant of our portfolio of content library websites.  

We then promote our clients' content to our global audience of senior business professionals and technology decision-makers across IT, Cybersecurity, HR, Marketing, Finance, and Electronics Engineering.  

A reputable content syndication supplier will help you reach new and relevant audiences.

Plus, they won't outsource your campaigns, the leads they generate will be using 1st party data only, and they will validate your leads before they are delivered.

Content Syndication Benefit #5 - Providing Value to Your Target Audience

Content syndication allows you to provide value to your target audience from your first interaction. 

Making a B2B purchase decision takes time. B2B buyers will do a lot of research before contacting suitable solutions. But we get it; you're a B2B Marketer - you already know that.

However, running a content syndication campaign is a great way to provide value upfront. By sharing relevant content, you have the opportunity to build brand awareness and showcase your company's subject expertise to your target audience. 

Plus, running a content syndication campaign will give you a great reason to follow up with your prospects. You'll know they've downloaded your content on a specific topic, so you can follow up with a more personalized message.  

Finally, it's important to remember that not all readers will become leads. They might not opt-in to be contacted by your company this time, but that doesn't mean you haven't made an impact. Content syndication is a classic example of demand generation vs. lead generation, because the strategy helps you generate demand and brand awareness, whilst also generating high-quality B2B leads.

All marketers know the importance of brand awareness. And despite the unrealistic hope that every content download will result in a new client instantly, over time the brand awareness you build from your content syndication campaigns will result in new opportunities for your business. 

B2B Content Syndication Vendors 

When deciding to run content syndication campaigns, it's essential to do your research before choosing a content syndication vendor.

Why? Well, take it from us, the quality of leads generated from content syndication can vary greatly, and you need to work with a supplier you can trust.  

Are they transparent about where they host your content? And do they own the platforms and websites they use? Knowing where your content is being hosted and trusting the quality of the methods your supplier is using to syndicate your content is crucial.

There are a lot of benefits to B2B content syndication. However, you'll only get to enjoy them if you choose the right supplier to work with.  

To help you choose a trustworthy content syndication vendor, we've put together a Quality Lead Generation Checklist to use when comparing suppliers.