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Demand generation is an essential part of your B2B marketing strategy, and choosing a reputable and transparent demand generation agency is vital to the success of your campaigns.

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About Headley Media

Headley Media is a B2B demand generation agency specializing in content syndication, B2B lead generation, and display advertising.

We deliver demand generation solutions via our 6 technology brands, with a portfolio of over 265 content syndication platforms, in 60 countries and 32 languages.

Technology companies across the globe trust Headley Media's demand generation services to deliver high-quality demand marketing campaigns.

B2B Demand Generation

Our Demand Generation Services

Our Approach to Demand Generation

Many B2B marketers feel frustrated with their demand generation marketing agency, left to pay the price for poor-quality data from questionable sources. With companies and consumers now empowered by data-protection laws worldwide, these concerns are only growing. That’s why Trust, Transparency, and Integrity remain our guiding principles.

100% Digital Blue

100% Digital

We run your demand generation marketing campaigns 100% digitally, ensuring leads are up-to-date and fully traceable to the source.

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Reader First

Our websites are free from adverts, eliminating noise and providing our audiences with a distraction-free reader journey, direct to your content.

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Custom Opt-In

The download form to access your content includes a custom opt-in statement and an unchecked tick box, meaning your leads have agreed to be followed up.

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Professional Audiences

Our ever-growing audiences of senior tech professionals and business decision-makers rely on our websites when searching for high-quality and reliable information they can trust.

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Business Emails

Readers must provide us with their business email addresses to access your content. In turn, this provides you with relevant professional prospects ready for nurturing.

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Data Validation

Before being delivered to you, readers who download your content are subject to our dual AI and manual data validation process for quality control and rev-erification of their contact details.

Demand Generation Agencies: What to Look Out For

When choosing a demand generation agency, trust is the most important factor.

A lot of B2B demand generation agencies have sprung up over the last few years that can't deliver what they promise. This is because they either don't have their own means of generating demand and therefore they outsource your business to mysterious 3rd parties, or because they don't validate the data they're passing on to you.

Sometimes they're really the same old untrustworthy lead generation companies trying to rebrand as B2B demand generation companies.

So how can you tell whether the B2B demand generation companies you want to work with can deliver everything they promise?

For us, it's all about the reader's experience. Can your B2B demand generation agency show you their entire demand and lead generation process?

It's also about how they validate the information they're feeding back to you. Whatever KPIs your demand gen company offers – whether it's clicks and impressions, or contact details of actual leads generated – can they be sure that data is correct, and can they prove to you it's correct?

Use our ungated campaign checklist to ensure your potential demand gen companies are as transparent and trustworthy as they seem.

B2B Demand Generation Trends

A good B2B demand generation agency will have a full understanding of current marketing trends, and know the best ways to make your brand stand out against the competition in 2024.

These are some of the biggest trends in demand generation marketing right now:

Content marketing. Today's B2B buyers do their own research. Did you know only 5% of the buyer's journey is spent talking to a sales rep these days, according to Gartner? The rest of the time the buyer is researching solutions independently. So as a marketer, it's your job to ensure all the content they need, whether gated or ungated – from topical/news-led information, to guides to the services you offer, and the complete specs of your product – are all available for them to find digitally.

Buying committees. Not only have buyers become more independent, there are also more of them involved in the average B2B transaction. The buying committee has grown in recent years: as many as 14-23 people from one company can now be involved in a purchase, according to Gartner. That means you potentially need to market your content to a much broader range of job roles, which means you need to think harder about the messaging of your content and the way you're targeting it.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Linked to the buying committee, we find ABM really exciting. Instead of taking a scattergun approach with your marketing, you decide in advance which businesses it would be most advantageous for you to work with, and create a target account list of a few hundred potential leads, instead of trying to reach thousands. You can then spend more time on targeting those specific accounts, and personalizing communications.

Intent data. On the subject of personalization – intent data targeting is another big trend within demandgen, as marketers find the most effective pieces of content are personalized to their audience. With intent data you can get really personal – it's the art of reading your potential leads' buying signals, the 'digital breadcrumbs' they drop as they browse the internet.

Demand Generation FAQs

What is demand generation?

Demand generation, sometimes known as demand gen or demandgen, is the art of building brand awareness for long-term inbound lead generation. Demand generation is all about sticking in your potential leads' minds, so that when they need a product or service like yours, they'll think of you. It's a form of inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing – a longer-term, less transactional strategy to attract new leads organically to your business. Blogs, webinars and social media posts are good examples of B2B demand generation. Content marketing is usually associated with B2B demand generation, but it can also encompass display advertising: almost any method that will put your content and/or branding in front of potential future customers counts.

What does a demand generation agency do?

A demand generation agency will help you build a strategy for demand generation, and probably offer demand creation services. For example, content syndication is a good demand generation strategy because it gives you a much bigger audience for your content. A good demand generation marketing agency can offer this as a service as well as strategizing, planning and running your demand generation campaigns. A demand generation company might also offer display advertising

What is demand generation vs lead generation?

B2B demand generation and B2B lead generation are sometimes used as interchangably, but they're not the same. Lead generation is usually a short-term, transactional strategy. For example you need to generate 500 new leads and you do so using a dedicated outbound lead generation campaign. In contract, demand generation is a longer-term approach, and less transactional. Demandgen is all about building your brand over time so that leads come to you. The two strategies feed into different parts of the marketing funnel, but they work together to support your overall B2B marketing strategy.

How does Headley Media differ from other demand generation agencies?

With over 35 years in the industry, Headley Media's major strength is our long-established, trusted and technology-specific content libraries, used by technology buyers in 60 countries. We generate demand and deliver lead generation campaigns via our six brands.

Our guiding principiples, Trust, Transparency and Integrity are at the heart of every demand generation campaign we deliver. Every part of our service is transparent, fully compliant with data laws in every country we operate in, and validated to the highest standard.