Reach B2B Technology Decision-Makers With Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a proven B2B marketing strategy, helping you target your next customers more precisely than ever before. Choosing a reputable and transparent ABM agency is vital to the success of your campaigns.

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About Headley Media

Headley Media is a B2B account-based marketing agency specializing in content syndication, B2B lead generation, and intent data targeting.

We deliver ABM lead generation services in-house via our 6 technology brands. With a portfolio of over 265 content syndication platforms, in 60 countries and 32 languages, we understand the technology target audiences you need to reach.

Technology companies across the globe trust Headley Media's ABM strategy to deliver high-quality, personalized and finely-targeted lead generation campaigns.

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Account-Based Marketing Services

Our Approach to Account Based Marketing

Many B2B marketers feel frustrated with their ABM agency, left to pay the price for poor-quality data from questionable sources. With companies and consumers now empowered by data-protection laws worldwide, these concerns are only growing. That’s why Trust, Transparency, and Integrity remain our guiding principles.

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100% Digital

We run your ABM campaigns 100% digitally. Headley Media offers fully traceable data back to it's source.

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Reader First

Our content syndication platforms are free from adverts. We eliminate the noise and provide our audiences with a distraction-free reader journey, direct to your content.

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Custom Opt-In

Every download form to access your content includes a custom opt-in statement and an unchecked tick box, meaning your ABM leads have agreed to be followed up.

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Professional Audiences

Our established audiences of senior technology decision-makers rely on our websites when searching for high-quality and reliable information they can trust.

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Business Emails

Readers must provide their business email addresses to access your content. In turn, this provides you with accurate, relevant and professional prospects ready for nurturing.

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Data Validation

Before your ABM leads are delivered to you, every readers who download your content is subject to our dual AI and manual data validation process for quality control and re-verification of their contact details.

Transparent Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation

Account-based barketing is built on traditional marketing foundations. Foundations which focus on building real relationships with customers by understanding their needs. An approach that has worked for businesses throughout history.

However, account-based marketing has a key, modern advantage: data. You can use data to find out who your targets are and what they want, then use the wide variety of digital platforms at your disposal to approach them in the ways that best suit them.

And it's by far one of the most effective methods of marketing. Momentum ITSMA's annual ABM benchmarking report for 2023 found that ABM was the number-one priority for marketers for the third year running. 30% of B2B marketers' marketing budget is dedicated to ABM, and 66% of marketers planning to up their ABM spending in 2024.

That's because it works: 85% of programs get active engagement from their target accounts, and 74% of programs see revenue growth, according to Momentum ITSMA's report.

What Does Account-Based Marketing Mean? 

The 'account' in Account-Based Marketing refers to each business that you are targeting. Each account is likely to have a number of individuals to target as leads.

These individuals will collectively make up the buying committee within that business, and they'll all have different roles to play in the buying process – which means they'll require different, personalized messaging when you target them.

That's the beauty of ABM – it allows you to examine who those buyers are, what they need to see from you, and how best to reach them.

This is a step-by-step guide to how ABM lead generation typically works:

  • You build a Target Account List (TAL), with all the businesses you want to target – because you think you're a good fit for them, or because they'd make a lucrative customer.
  • You flesh out your TAL: too small and you'll be working too hard for the reward; too big and you lose that personal touch. We recommend a list of about 400-500. Your ABM agency will help you build your TAL.
  • Your ABM marketing agency starts reaching the targets on your TAL through their own channels (at Headley Media it's through content libraries belonging to our six trusted technology brands). You choose which ABM lead generation services you'd like to use, whether a basic single-touch campaign or the full SoftBANT package.
  • Your ABM agency helps you use data, including intent data, to segment your audiences and devise messaging and content to reach different accounts.
  • Ongoing nurture of captured leads.

Choosing an Account Based Marketing Agency

So how do you find an ABM agency that can get you these kind of results?

The key is – another old-fashioned one! – strong, trusting relationships between you and your ABM marketing agency, and between the agency and the customers you're trying to connect with.

The agency should be able to engage leads effectively with your brand. At Headley Media we have a portfolio of 265 content libraries read and trusted by professionals in the IT, Cybersecurity, FinTech, HRTech, MarTech and Electronics industries worldwide.

We publish useful content from our clients on these websites, such as eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, research reports and more, to keep our readers up to date on their industries, and to create leads for our clients.

Before you settle on an Account-Based Marketing agency, ask these questions:

  • Can they show you the journey each lead takes to become a lead, from the lead's perspective?
  • Can they help you build your Target Account List (TAL), and expand it with lookalike audiences from their own database?
  • Can they prove that all lead generation is carried out in-house, and not outsourced to shady 3rd parties?

Account-Based Marketing FAQs

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account based marketing (ABM) is a focused B2B marketing strategy that identifies your top prospects using a target account list (TAL).

A TAL is made up of all the companies you've identified as the most lucrative opportunities for your technology products, services or solutions.

ABM lead generation works by delivering more personalized B2B marketing campaigns based on the needs of specific target accounts and companies.

How does Account-Based Marketing (ABM) work?

Account-Based Marketing works by running your marketing campaigns alongside a target account list (TAL). For example at Headley Media, your ABM campaigns can be delivered via a combination of B2B lead generation, content syndication, and display advertising. Your TAL should include the companies and key accounts you want to reach. However, if you don't have a target account list or your TAL is too small, our team can work with you to set up lookalike audiences to expand your pool of target accounts.