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Electronic Pro connects you with Electronics Engineers, Design Engineers, R&D Professionals and Technical Management teams worldwide.

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Electronic Pro is a trusted information resource. Electronics Engineers need detailed information on the latest and most advanced solutions available for their current and future projects. 

We host whitepapers on our websites in topics including automotive, test & measurement, industrial, semiconductors, embedded, power and many more.

Electronic Pro is not a magazine; it is an invaluable and comprehensive content library for Electronics Engineers worldwide.

The unique experience of using Electronic Pro separates it from traditional publications or news outlets. With Electronic Pro, your lead generation budget goes further and results in measurable marketing campaigns, pre-configured on a fixed cost-per-lead basis.

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Electronics Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

How do you generate B2B leads for Electronics vendors using Electronic Pro?

At Headley Media, we generate B2B leads for Electronics organizations through bespoke, hyper-targeted content syndication campaigns. We host content on behalf of our clients across our portfolio of Electronic Pro websites. Our audience of Senior Electronics Professionals and decision-makers download content on Electronic Pro relevant to them in exchange for their business card information. Provided a reader meets our client's pre-agreed audience criteria and passes our dual AI and manual data validation process, they will be delivered as leads every week.

How is Electronic Pro different?

Our audience's unique experience when using Electronic Pro separates it from more traditional Electronics publications or news outlets. Electronic Pro provides Electronics professionals with relevant and quality content within their specialism. Electronic Pro is different because it is not a magazine - it's a trusted and dedicated content library providing high-quality content and research for senior Electronics Professionals.