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8th March 2024

What Is Localized Marketing?

Localized marketing is all about adapting your marketing campaigns to resonate with the local markets you are trying to reach.

Localized marketing strategies include local language lead generation, translating your content marketing into different languages, and factoring in cultural differences within your B2B marketing campaigns.

For example, at Headley Media, we support our B2B technology clients with their localized marketing and lead generation campaigns; helping them reach technology decision makers in over 60 countries and 32 languages.

Why Local Marketing Is Essential

Marketing localization is vital for B2B marketers who want to be taken seriously in a specific country, region, or market.

Marketing localization helps you resonate with the audiences you need to reach in a more authentic and trusted way. 

We spoke to global marketing leader, Gabrielle Gant, who is an expert on running local and international marketing campaigns.

Gabrielle explains the importance of localized marketing by saying:

"To reach target audiences across multiple countries or regions, you'll need to adopt different marketing tactics and messaging to resonate more effectively. For example, the audience you're trying to reach will respond much better to a campaign in their local language, as it shows that your brand has a strong presence in their region, meaning they'll be more likely to trust you. 
Also, it's important to remember that direct translations might not always match up locally. For example, specific phrases might be unique to one country or region and have no meaning in others, so it's essential to ensure your local marketing campaigns are culturally suitable." 

Gabrielle Gant,

Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager EMEA, BigCommerce 

Below, Headley Media's Global Sales Director, Freya Ward, further helps to explain why local lead generation is so important.

Cultural Factors In Marketing 

When creating local lead generation campaigns, the first step will be to consider what language or languages you need to translate your copy into.  

However, cultural factors in marketing go further than simply translating your lead generation campaign word for word. You'll also need to take local phrases and cultural differences into consideration. For example, does a word or expression have a different or no meaning in another country?  

Creating a campaign that is sensitive and aware of the differences will resonate more effectively with your desired target audience.  

A local language lead generation specialist will be able to help you translate your campaign promotions – such as your landing pages and emails. They will also advise you on cultural differences to consider. For example, the Headley Media team specializes in global content syndication lead generation, taking cultural factors in marketing into consideration.

What Is Local Lead Generation? 

Before diving into the importance of local lead generation, it's important to define what it is.

Local lead generation is a highly targeted marketing tactic focused on reaching countries or regions via local marketing techniques. 

The most common local lead generation technique is to use local language to target your desired leads. Put simply; local language means using the language your audience speaks natively.  

If you want to build trust with your prospects and show your audience that you're serious about their market, there's no better way to resonate with them than reaching them in their local language.  

The Headley Media team is made up of B2B marketing experts who specialize in localized marketing across 60 countries and 32 languages. We're well positioned to advise our B2B tech clients on how to better resonate with their target audiences on a local or global scale, depending on their needs. 

Why Is Local Language Lead Generation Important?

Local language lead generation is more important than ever if you want to reach your target audiences authentically, and build trust from your first interaction.

At Headley Media, we're committed to helping our technology clients reach the audiences they need. We connect B2B marketers with technology decision-makers in over 60 countries.

Our portfolio of brands span over 250 content syndication platforms across IT Corporate, Cybersecurity Corporate, FinTech Corporate, HRTech Corporate, MarTech Corporate, and Electronic Pro. Our content syndication platforms span 60 countries and 32 local languages, helping our clients reach the right technology decision-makers and run local language lead generation campaigns more effectively. 

It's important to remember that direct translations might not always match up locally. For example, specific phrases might be unique to one country or region and have no meaning in others, so it's essential to ensure your local marketing campaigns are culturally suitable.
Gabrielle Gant Demand Marketing Manager EMEA, BigCommerce

Headley Media's Approach to Local Language Lead Generation 

We're continually investing in our portfolio of lead generation brands to help our clients reach the audiences they need. 

We've built our portfolio of content library websites over 13 years based on the demand from our technology clients and the audiences they need to reach. 

Our readers come to us for high-quality content in a distraction-free environment. That means you'll find no adverts or editorial content on our websites, just great content.

Putting our audience and their experience first has helped us build a loyal and engaged readership of technology decision-makers across IT, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Electronics Engineering. 

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