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Targeted B2B Lead Generation

Enhancing your campaign with additional Audience Intelligence is a great way to understand more about your target audience and how your technology solutions can benefit them. 

We can enhance your Single Touch, Double Touch, Nurture Track, or SoftBANT lead generation campaigns to help you learn more about your prospects. For example, this might include additional questions on your content download form to allow you to profile your leads further or to ensure they meet specific criteria by adding a qualifying question.

Strengthening your lead generation with our 1st party audience insights helps you nurture your leads more effectively. For example, you may choose to enhance your campaign with install base targeting, allowing you to focus on prospects already using specific brands. 

Your Account Manager will work closely with you to understand your lead generation objectives and the audiences you need to reach, helping you create a bespoke strategy to engage with your audience and achieve your campaign goals.

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Benefits of Audience Intelligence

Getting Started With Audience Intelligence

Getting started is easy. Whether you're running a Single Touch, Double Touch, Nurture Track, or SoftBANT campaign, we can enhance your lead generation with considered Audience Intelligence strategies.

Depending on your objectives, we'll help you create a bespoke lead generation campaign that teaches you more about your leads and focuses on the most relevant prospects for your technology solutions. 

If you chose to add questions to your content download form – we'll help guide you on the best approach to optimize your responses.

Our lead generation process is transparent, and 100% digital, resulting in high-quality, fully traceable B2B technology leads.

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Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

What are B2B Profiling Questions?

B2B Profiling Questions are questions you ask in B2B marketing campaigns to understand each new prospect better. There are no right or wrong answers to profiling questions; they are simply asked to provide more information about each lead before adding them to your nurture cycle. Using profiling questions gives you an extra layer of information about each lead, creating a much stronger follow-up opportunity.

What are B2B Qualifying Questions?

B2B Qualifying Questions allow you to generate leads that meet a specific criterion that you have set. Qualifying questions are beneficial if you only want to generate prospects that meet specific criteria. For example, if you only want the decision-maker or budget holder for a product or service like your organization's technology solution.

How do I pre-qualify my leads?

You can pre-qualify your leads by asking qualifying questions. We use qualifying questions on our gated forms to enhance our B2B lead generation campaigns. For example, using qualifying questions when downloading a piece of content, a reader would need to fill in their business card details and respond to a qualifying question within the gated form. Then, when filling out the form, if they respond with the 'right' answer on the qualifying question, such as saying yes to "are you the decision-maker?", they will become a lead. However, if they do not answer the question with the 'right' answer, they will still be able to download and access the content, but they won't be delivered as a lead.

Why is qualifying a lead important?

Qualifying a lead is essential to help B2B marketers understand more about a prospect before adding them to a nurturing campaign. In addition, generating more targeted leads through qualifying questions can create a more personalized experience for each prospect and help create more powerful B2B marketing campaigns.

What is install based targeting?

Install based targeting is used to identify potential prospects based on whether they are using specific software and therefore have a particular product 'installed'. We can enhance your lead generation campaigns with install based targeting to help you identify prospects that are already using a technology solution compatible with yours or target prospects using a solution from one of your direct competitors. Depending on your lead generation objectives, our Audience Intelligence enhancements can include install based targeting to give you additional insights on your leads, helping you nurture them more effectively.