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Your leads are generated using our transparent, 100% digital five-stage reader journey. You'll find no smoke and mirrors here - this is how it works!


Content Libraries

We host your technology content in the form of whitepapers, eBooks, research reports and case studies.


We own six technology brands - IT Corporate, Cybersecurity Corporate, MarTech Corporate, FinTech Corporate, HRTech Corporate, and Electronic Pro. Each brand provides an online resource library for its dedicated audiences.

We host B2B technology content on behalf of our clients using our portfolio of content syndication platforms, which span 262 websites in 60 different countries and 32 languages.

Our unique audience of B2B decision-makers and influencers use our sites to source, research, and download information of interest.


Target Audiences

We agree your target audience criteria with you. This includes job titles, company sizes, ABM lists, install brand and intent keywords.


We'll work closely with you to identify the exact target audiences you want to reach and can advise on the best approach if required.

Targeting always includes job titles/functions, countries/regions, company sizes, and industries.

Our targeting options can further extend to:

We are also experts in creating, advising, and delivering successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.

After you have decided on your target audience criteria, we will provide a customized proposal for a guaranteed number of leads, at an agreed and fixed cost-per-lead (CPL) to be delivered within a set timeframe.

Our collaborative approach enables you to calculate your ROI before the launch of your campaign.


Dedicated Email Promotions

We drive our audiences to bespoke landing pages by promoting your content via email.


First, we upload your campaign content to our sites and prepare your landing pages for approval.

Once your landing pages are signed off, we'll then start the promotional activity for your campaigns.

Our team sends out exclusive email promotions to drive our audiences to the landing pages and generate downloads of your content.

Your landing pages and email promotions can all be translated into local languages. This means your lead generation campaigns will resonate and engage more effectively with our key audiences in the countries you need to reach.

Our email promotion schedules are always planned around your required delivery day each week. This ensures your leads are as current as possible.


Gated Forms

Our readers fill in the gated form on your landing pages with their professional contact information, including compliant opt-in.


Before downloading your content, our readers must complete a gated form with their business contact information.

  • If a reader's business email address shows they are a recognized user (someone who has downloaded content within the last 60 days), the form automatically populates with their standard business card details.
  • If their business email address is not recognized, the visitor is required to complete your content download form with their standard business card details prior to downloading your content. Even if they have used the website in the past, if it was more than 60 days ago, they will need to enter their contact information again.

We also provide the option to customize the opt-in statements on your landing pages. This ensures we can adhere to all the compliance requirements of your company.


Quality Control

Before being delivered to you, all your leads are validated through our dual AI and manual validation process to ensure accuracy and quality.


We take data quality control very seriously.

Before your leads are supplied to you, they are subject to our dual AI and manual validation process.

Prior to delivery, we upload leads into our custom-built AI validation tool, Headley Validate.

Our AI tool mimics human validation on a larger scale and cross-references the business contact details readers have provided on your download form against online public sources of information. For example, this includes sources such as LinkedIn, Xing, the reader's company website, and national, regional, or state legal registrars of companies.

Your leads are then cross-referenced manually by our in-house quality control team. In addition to ping testing, further checks are conducted against a wide range of criteria, using LinkedIn as our preferred source of truth.

Only then will your leads be delivered to you.

Your leads can be delivered weekly in an encrypted excel format, uploaded to a 3rd party platform, or through real-time integration with your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Quality Content

Our audience of technology influencers and decision-makers trust our brands as a source of up-to-date research from leading technology vendors in their industry.

We keep our readers engaged by only serving them targeted, high-quality and relevant content.

In turn, this drives an authentic desire from our readers to learn more about your solution, resulting in genuine downloads of your content across our websites.