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What is Nurture Track Lead Generation?

With Nurture Track, your campaign is enhanced with B2B lead nurturing, ensuring your leads are further educated on your technology products and solutions before they are delivered to you. Nurture Track campaigns give you a head start on moving your marketing-qualified leads through the funnel.

Our campaigns follow an industry-recognized content syndication process, along with B2B lead nurturing best practices, to generate 1st party leads 100% digitally.

Nurture Track lead generation guarantees your prospects will:

  • Populate a minimum of two forms with their business contact information.
  • Download at least two content assets from your campaign nurture flow. 
  • Explicitly consent to hear from your business directly.

Our experienced team will help you build out the most effective Nurture Track campaign, guiding you on the best content assets to use in line with your campaign objectives.

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Benefits of Nurture Track Lead Generation

Getting Started With Nurture Track

Getting started is easy. Your dedicated Account Manager will ask you about your campaign goals, budget, timeframe, available content, and the target audience you want to reach, which includes:

  • Job Titles
  • Job Functions
  • Seniority Levels
  • Industries
  • Company Size
  • Location/Regions 
  • Content Topics
  • Target/Exclusion Lists

We'll get to know your business, understand your objectives and send you a personalized proposal based on your lead generation goals. Plus, we'll recommend the best content assets to include within your Nurture Track campaign based on our experience.

Our lead generation process lays the foundation for all of our Services. Our 100% digital and transparent approach results in fully traceable B2B leads for our clients.

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Lead Nurturing FAQs

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing in B2B is the process of influencing prospects through your marketing funnel by encouraging interactions and establishing a relationship between your brand and your audience. Regular and relevant communications keep your contacts aware and engaged while helping them through their decision-making process towards conversion.

What are the benefits of nurturing leads?

Nurturing leads through the marketing funnel is a great way to educate your potential new customers during critical times in their buying cycle. In addition, by nurturing your leads, you will keep your brand front of mind, meaning you are more likely to get a head start on moving your marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) along the pipeline - generating more engaged leads earlier on.

Does lead nurturing work?

Lead nurturing works by warming up your marketing qualified leads by sending them educational and relevant content throughout their buyer's journey. When your leads are considering purchasing a product or service like yours, regularly keeping in contact with valuable and relevant content means your leads are more likely to think about your brand – helping them move from MQL to sales accepted leads (SALs). The lead generation nurturing process is an effective way to get the most out of your B2B marketing efforts, and companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost (Marketo).

How do you ensure the leads generated are engaged leads?

Our B2B lead generation services are delivered entirely in-house, ensuring the leads we generate are engaged leads. We run all of our campaigns 100% digitally and only generate fully traceable 1st party data. Our campaigns are run using content syndication lead generation via our portfolio of 200 content library websites. Before being delivered to you as leads, readers must actively consent to hear from your company directly via a consent statement and a check box. By providing lead generation services which are entirely transparent, we are uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality and engaged leads to our B2B technology clients on a global scale. 

How does content syndication for lead generation work?

Content syndication for lead generation is simple. We'll promote your whitepaper, eBook, research report, or case study across our portfolio of technology content libraries. Our audience of technology professionals will then give their contact details in a content download form, in exchange for your content. We will then authenticate their details before delivering a list of leads to you. We'll also agree on a fixed cost-per-lead with you, so it's easy to budget.

In a Nurture Track lead generation campaign, each lead downloads at least two pieces of your content. Nurture Track content syndication ensures each lead has populated at least two content download forms and has explicitly consented to hear from your company directly.

How do you nurture B2B leads?

Lead nurturing is all about moving prospects through your marketing funnel. Lead nurturing is an essential B2B marketing strategy focused on educating your prospects on your technology products and services, so they're more warmed up and ready to hear from your sales team. How to nurture B2B leads depends on timing, and how valuable the lead is. Lead nurturing strategies typically include email marketing, content marketing, and Account-Based Marketing.

With a Headley Media Nurture Track campaign, for example, we will nurture prospects for you before they are delivered to your CRM. Nurture Track lead generation supports your goal of warming up your relevant prospects so they are more receptive to your marketing campaigns and more likely to convert when they are sales-ready.