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What is a Single Touch Campaign?

Our Single Touch campaigns deliver high-quality B2B leads to technology companies and media agencies worldwide.

We follow an industry-recognized content syndication process across our trusted media brands to generate 1st party prospects 100% digitally.

With Single Touch, readers must download one piece of your content, provide their full business card information, fit your target criteria and pass our dual AI and manual data validation process to qualify as a lead.

We'll provide complete transparency into where your content is hosted, and the journey your leads take before being delivered to you - setting us apart from other solutions in the industry.

Total ownership of our lead generation process is what makes Headley Media unique.

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Benefits of Single Touch Lead Generation

Getting Started With Single Touch

Getting started is easy. Your dedicated Account Manager will ask you about your campaign goals, budget, timeframe, available content, and the target audience you want to reach, which includes:

  • Job Titles
  • Job Functions
  • Seniority Levels
  • Industries
  • Company Size
  • Location/Regions 
  • Content Topics
  • Target/Exclusion Lists

We'll get to know your business, understand your objectives and send you a personalized proposal based on your lead generation goals.

Our lead generation process is transparent and 100% digital, resulting in fully traceable B2B leads.

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Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

What makes our lead generation services unique?

We stand out from the crowded B2B lead generation industry by delivering high-quality prospects, 100% digitally using our 1st party data. Our transparent approach to lead generation means we can provide complete visibility into how we generate B2B leads for our clients, including when each prospect consented to share their data with your organization.

How do you ensure the leads generated are high-quality leads?

At Headley Media, we run all our lead generation campaigns 100% digitally, using our 1st party data. As a result, our lead generation process is transparent, and our leads are fully traceable back to the source. In addition, because we run all of our campaigns in-house, using our portfolio of 265 content syndication websites, we can ensure the leads we generate for our clients are high-quality and engaged prospects.

How does content syndication lead generation work?

Content syndication for lead generation is simple. As part of our Reader Journey, we'll publish your whitepaper, eBook, research report, or case study across our portfolio of technology content libraries. Our technology brands are aimed at specific technology markets and have large readerships of professionals in those markets, who are looking for educational content. Prospects give their contact details in a content download form, then we authenticate those details, and deliver a list of leads to you. We'll also agree on a fixed cost-per-lead with you, so it's easy to budget. Single Touch lead generation is the simplest form of content syndication: it means each lead downloads one piece of your content before we deliver them to you as a lead.

Why do I need lead generation?

Lead generation helps your business grow. Generating high-quality leads will support your business’ growth by providing your sales team with an up-to-date pipeline of new customers. Without continually updating your potential customer base through new leads, your business is likely to lack new opportunities for sales growth.

What is content syndication in marketing?

Content syndication in marketing is the art of using a 3rd party to put your content in front of new audiences, for the purpose of lead generation and demand generation. A 3rd party content syndication supplier, like Headley Media, will publish your useful eBooks, whitepapers, research reports, and case studies on a content library designed for a specific audience - such as our six technology brands. Professionals give us their contact details in return for downloading useful content from these sites - giving us a list of interested leads to feed to each client.