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17th January 2024

Who are the decision-makers in B2B technology, and how can marketers get ahead?

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It’s no secret that the B2B technology buying process has significantly shifted in recent years. In fact, it’s been widely researched and reported on within the industry.

However, the changes in buyer behavior have also meant a huge shift for B2B technology marketers and their marketing strategies, which this eBook will heavily focus on.

As a tech marketer, not only do you need to reach traditional IT job titles, but you also need to promote​ your products and solutions to a much wider buying committee, all with different priorities, interests,​ and agendas.

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Data from our own IT Corporate and Cybersecurity Corporate audiences shows that only 14% of the C-Suite IT and Cybersecurity professionals we surveyed would describe themselves as the budget holder in the IT decision-making process, more accurately describing themselves as the decision-maker or influencer in the process.

Pie chart answering: How would you describe your role in the IT decision making process?

Within this example alone, it’s clear to see that more departments are now involved when purchasing new technology, and shifts have been made which affects who you need to reach, and at what stage.

Inside this eBook you'll find:​

  • How and why has the technology buying committee changed?
  • Technology buying committee trends
  • Insights and experiences from other B2B technology marketers
  • Types of tech buyers explored.
  • Practical guidance on who B2B tech marketers need to reach, and how.

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We'd like to thank Helen Gillbe (EMEA Demand Generation Director, Proofpoint), Thomas Van der Staaij (Senior Marketing Manager at AWS), Mike D'Agostino (General Manager at Cybertheory), and Zohria Nunis (Lead Account Based Marketing Manager at Freshworks) for their insights and contributions to this report.