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1st December 2023

B2B content syndication is often misunderstood by marketers. However, with the right tactics and suppliers in place, content syndication is an effective strategy for reaching relevant B2B decision-makers. 

Not only does content syndication for B2B allow you to target vast new markets for lead generation, it also supports your demand generation strategy by providing a new lease of life for content that's served its purpose on your website and social media channels.

But what is B2B content syndication? And, more importantly, how do you find reliable B2B content syndication vendors?

In this blog, we'll explore:

What Is B2B Content Syndication?

B2B content syndication is the art of making your marketing content available to a large audience of potential new prospects, typically done via 3rd party content syndication platforms.

Ideally, the 3rd party will have a large readership of professionals and decision-makers within your chosen sector, who see their content syndication platforms as a trusted resource for their research into B2B products and services.

With B2B content syndication, your content is gated on your chosen content syndication platform, so all readers have to enter their business contact details to download it. These readers are then validated and passed onto you as leads.

Through content syndication, you can use your valuable eBooks, research reports, case studies and whitepapers to capture leads from a wider audience than you can't reach through other channels, such as social media, search advertising or email.

Content syndication for B2B tech marketers is a very targeted tactic, giving you a fully traceable, digital trail of the leads you receive and the journey they have been on to become a lead. Importantly, your content syndication campaigns can also be enhanced, ensuring your new prospects are nurtured from the start.

However, the benefits of B2B content syndication span far wider than lead generation. Increased brand awareness, demand generation and content repurposing are all added benefits of B2B content syndication.

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Why Is Content Syndication Marketing Important?

So you've written an eBook. You've published it on your website and shared it via your social media channels. It has attracted a small number of fresh leads. Now what?

Was that small number of leads worth the business time and effort it took to produce it?

Content syndication marketing is the next step. There are many big benefits: content syndication allows you to target a much bigger audience than the one you can attract organically through your social media and email campaigns. You can widen your potential pool of prospects and even target new regions to grow your business.

Modern B2B content syndication services are also highly efficient in terms of tracking who your leads are, and how relevant they are.

A digital, fully traceable B2B content syndication campaign, particularly if it's enhanced with intent data targeting or account-based marketing strategies, can give you reams of useful information about your leads. The extra information you receive from your content syndication campaigns can help you gauge what further content to send them, and when your sales team should contact them. 

How to Find Trustworthy B2B Content Syndication Platforms

Good, trustworthy B2B content syndication vendors are not exactly a dime a dozen.

Large, owned content hubs with millions of readers are very rare in the lead generation industry: most suppliers will instead buy in leads from other 3rd parties. So you have to be careful to make sure your supplier is transparent and honest about where their leads are coming from.

To do this, make sure you know what you're looking for at the research stage. And don't be shy to ask lots of questions of potential suppliers.

Questions like:

  • Do you syndicate content on your own channels? Can you prove it?
  • Can you show an end-to-end reader journey for each lead generated?
  • Can you target specific markets and job roles?
  • Can you recommend the best types of content to use, based on market knowledge?

Download our free, ungated Quality Lead Generation Checklist for a full list of questions to ask.

B2B Content Syndication Services: What to Look Out For

Trustworthy B2B content syndication vendors offer a range of B2B content syndication services and enhancements to ensure quality lead generation.

From a simple Single Touch campaign, to a full Nurture Track or SoftBANT campaign with lead scoring and nurturing, there are B2B content syndication services to suit the capacity and budget of every marketing department.

A full suite of B2B content syndication marketing tools, can really boost your lead generation efforts and give you peace of mind that you're dealing with reputable B2B content syndication platforms.

B2B content syndication marketing tools and enhancements include:

Don't be tempted by too-good-to-be-true prices: if they seem too good to be true, they probably are. You might be buying a list of leads that are irrelevant to your market, years out of date, or haven't been validated.

High-quality B2B content syndication, backed up by quality lead generation services and followed by rigorous lead validation, is worth paying for.

Want to know more about B2B content syndication? Try The Complete Guide to B2B Technology Lead Generation, which explores B2B content syndication alongside other proven B2B lead generation techniques.