We’ve run several campaigns across Headley's network of local language content libraries. The team tailors every campaign to achieve our objectives; this includes creating bespoke questions to obtain valuable intelligence on all leads and enables our sales team to have the most effective and successful follow-up.

Headley Media has been a valued partner for us over several years, delivering successful lead generation campaigns across their IT Corporate and Cybersecurity Corporate brands. Their team creates bespoke campaigns tailored to our objectives, incorporating techniques like ABM and audience expansion, along with lead nurturing. Additionally, all campaigns are delivered at a fixed cost-per-lead, enabling us to more accurately budget and plan our campaigns.  We have complimented and enhanced our lead generation campaigns with Headley Media by incorporating display ads campaigns, which have been treated with the same level of detail and analysis we'd expect from such a quality partner. The ROI from our campaigns has exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend Headley Media's services.

Headley Media continues to be a go-to lead generation partner for our clients. They constantly deliver strong, quality results and are always sharing ideas for campaign optimization. Their customer service is top of the line which makes working with them even better!

Having worked with IT Corporate since its inception, I have seen its audience grow in to a global network. High quality partners in the content syndication space are always welcomed, especially one such as IT Corporate with its proven delivery efficiency, back end support and lead quality.

We have been working with the Headley Media team for many years on numerous campaigns globally. Their collaborative approach to working is what makes them an excellent partner. They are happy to be flexible and always deliver on quality. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.

At Nasuni we’ve run ABM lead generation campaigns with Headley Media to reach IT decision-makers across EMEA, using their IT Corporate portfolio. Nasuni’s campaigns with Headley Media have consistently produced qualified leads across multiple countries and delivered guaranteed volumes. The pre-defined costs were very helpful for budgeting and understanding the ROI the campaigns would deliver. Overall, it’s enjoyable to work with the entire Headley Media team and we look forward to many more successful campaigns.

Headley Media is a valuable partner to us, providing our clients with access to the IT, Finance and HR Audiences. Their ability to provide fast, clear and concise lead generation proposals allows us to relay key information back to our clients in a timely manner as well as delivering campaigns which see high conversion rates, making them a continuously strong partner.

Headley Media is our newest partner in content syndication and lead generation. From the first exploratory talks until the end of our first campaign, I was impressed by the team’s professionalism and proactive approach towards the best way we could execute our program. This resulted in a measurable result of traffic, conversion and leads.  

Headley proves to be on top of their game by constantly moving against the status quo and acting upon it, through delivering new products and services or optimizing them. It’s great to have found a partner that is working as an extension of our local team.

IT Corporate is one of the best performing platforms with regards to data quality and more importantly ROI for our clients.

Headley Media manages to stand out in the crowded B2B demand gen space. Their competitive rates, accurate volume estimates, satisfying pipeline performance and great customer service make it easy for me to recommend the Headley Media brands to my clients.

It’s great to work with Headley Media and their Electronic Pro brand to generate our B2B leads. We are very happy with the MQLs our recent campaign delivered, and the campaign handling is always efficient. Our MQL programs help to make Wind River’s solutions better known, so it’s essential that we continue to generate high-quality and relevant leads, and Headley Media help us to do that.

Headley Media has been a great partner to work with. The team have helped our clients reach senior IT and Finance decision makers globally throughout multiple campaigns, and it’s always an enjoyable experience to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Headley provides a guaranteed minimum number of leads per campaign, as well as detailed information on how they are generated (using their IT Corporate and FinTech Corporate brands), which provides us with the level of detail and transparency we require.

The relationship and trust we have built over the years with Headley Media has helped us deliver successful B2B lead generation and content syndication campaigns relying on their extensive audience network and robust targeting capabilities.

I’ve worked with Headley Media for over two years, I’ve always found the team to be very helpful, lead volumes are positive and the CPLs are always competitive. In terms of operations, the whole process is very efficient from start to finish, the team have an excellent understanding of lead management platforms such as Convertr and Integrate. It’s very rare to see leads uploaded not matching the targeting criteria, or outside of the campaign timeframe.

We recently ran an ABM lead gen campaign with Electronic Pro across US and DACH. We needed to reach a niche audience so it was impressive to see how quickly we reached our lead volumes. Overall, the campaign was a great success and the quality of prospects generated through Headley Media’s Electronic Pro websites was fantastic.

Headley Media has been instrumental in delivering successful lead generation campaigns for Proofpoint over the years. We’ve leveraged their IT Corporate and Cybersecurity Corporate brands to create bespoke campaigns aligned with our objectives. Our Account Manager is always on hand to recommend the best ways to reach our desired target audiences, and we’ve used various targeting techniques and tactics over the years including ABM, content hubs and lead nurturing. In addition, we’ve also taken advantage of their Headley Display service to strategically run display ads alongside our lead generation campaigns, for a more integrated user experience and bigger impact. Headley Media’s expert knowledge of local markets has also helped us to reach the right technology decision-makers across multiple regions, taking into consideration local nuances. We’ve formed an excellent working relationship over the years with our team at Headley becoming a true extension of our internal team, and we look forward to a continued partnership with Headley Media.

Headley Media’s expertise in technology lead generation changes the electronics media landscape. Clients in this market sector previously struggled to find a partner that guarantees results ahead of the campaign launch. The experience that Headley Media has acquired over the years sets them apart from the rest in this specialist area.