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FinTech Corporate connects technology companies with Senior Finance, Tech and Business Professionals worldwide.

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FinTech Corporate's websites curate expert content for Senior Finance Professionals, influencers and technology decision-makers who need access to the highest quality information and insights essential to the finance function.

FinTech Corporate covers essential topics including accounting software, financial reporting and analysis, expenses, travel and invoice management and much more.

FinTech Corporate is a vital marketing tool for technology companies that need to generate high-quality and engaged B2B leads.

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FinTech Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

How do you generate B2B technology leads through FinTech Corporate?

Through FinTech Corporate, we carry out Fintech lead generation services for B2B technology organizations looking to target Senior Finance Professionals. As a finance lead generation agency, we run bespoke content syndication campaigns to generate 1st party hyper-targeted B2B leads for our clients. Using our portfolio of FinTech Corporate content syndication platforms, we host content on behalf of our clients. Our audience of Finance professionals then download content on FinTech relevant to them in exchange for their business card information and any further questions you wish to add to the gated form. Provided a reader meets your pre-agreed audience criteria and passes our dual manual and AI data validation process, they will be delivered to you as a lead. It’s the gold standard in how to generate finance leads: by targeting B2B FinTech leads who are already engaged and interested in what your company has to say, you'll be well on your way to converting more of your leads into sales.

How is FinTech Corporate different?

As a FinTech lead generation agency, we’re different, because our audiences actively seek out our clients’ content for research purposes. Our readership has been built over many years by providing high-quality educational content from leading FinTech companies, allowing us to most effectively generate leads for FinTech business.

FinTech Corporate's audience of Senior Finance Professionals and decision-makers is continually growing. FinTech Corporate delivers relevant research and information to its audience, providing FinTech companies with a unique opportunity to engage with Senior Finance Professionals and influencers.