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With over 60 websites in 32 languages, our flagship brand empowers B2B technology companies to connect with Senior IT & Business Professionals worldwide.

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IT decision-makers understand the importance of refreshing their knowledge with the latest industry whitepapers and ­technology information. That's why IT Corporate's audience is highly engaged and continually growing.

IT Corporate's loyal readership presents an invaluable marketing opportunity for IT technology companies that need effective B2B lead generation.

Our bespoke content syndication campaigns are the ideal lead generation for IT services, generating high-quality leads, 100% digitally.

Every campaign is uniquely designed to reach your precise target audiences.

The IT Corporate Advantage

IT Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

How does IT Corporate generate high-quality B2B technology leads?

IT Corporate generates B2B technology leads 100% digitally through high-quality and transparent content syndication campaigns. Firstly, your content is hosted on the most relevant of our 60 IT Corporate websites, based on your objectives, the audiences, and the countries you need to reach. Our audience of engaged readers will then be served your content via a dedicated landing page and email campaign. If the reader downloads your content and opts-in to hear from your company directly, they will then go through our dual AI and manual data validation process. Readers who pass our validation and quality control process will be delivered to you via your preferred delivery method every week.

What makes IT Corporate different?

IT Corporate has a long history of providing high-quality industry information and research to Senior IT and Business Professionals and decision-makers worldwide.

What makes IT Corporate unique to Headley Media is that we own all of the 60 content library websites within the IT Corporate portfolio and our 1st party audiences. We host content on behalf of our B2B technology clients on our IT Corporate websites, allowing us to carry out high-quality and transparent B2B lead generation in the IT industry, 100% digitally.

How can I convert more leads to sales?

To get a head start with converting more leads to sales, you should work with a trusted specialist lead generation provider to generate high-quality prospects. Converting your leads into sales is easier if your prospects are relevant and have come from high-quality lead generation campaigns. For example, Headley Media's portfolio of media brands helps to generate a higher quality of 1st party leads through trusted and transparent content syndication campaigns. By generating B2B technology leads who have already engaged with your content and have opted-in actively to hear from your company directly, you'll be well on your way to converting your leads into sales.