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MarTech Corporate connects B2B technology companies with Senior Marketing, Sales, Tech and Business Professionals.

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MarTech Corporate websites are for marketing experts, senior influencers and technology decision-makers demanding premium quality information to expand their knowledge and assist their buying decisions.

Our fast-growing global audiences provide companies with invaluable and profitable opportunities to connect with key decision-makers and generate leads.

Marketing Professionals understand the importance of high-quality lead generation. That's why MarTech Corporate is the trusted brand for technology companies worldwide.

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MarTech Lead Generation Questions We’re Often Asked

How is MarTech Corporate different?

MarTech Corporate runs B2B lead generation campaigns worldwide for technology companies and media agencies. Our approach to lead generation uses trusted and transparent content syndication campaigns designed to target Senior Marketing and Business Professionals and decision-makers looking for technology solutions like yours. What makes MarTech Corporate and our portfolio of media brands unique is our transparent lead generation process. We never outsource any of our lead generation activities to 3rd parties, and we only generate 1st party leads via our 265 content library websites. Furthermore, all our leads are subject to our dual AI and manual data validation and quality control processes, ensuring we deliver high-quality and relevant leads to our clients.

By providing our readers with high-quality educational content from top technology companies across the globe, our audience of Senior Marketing professionals is continually growing.

How will MarTech Corporate generate more qualified leads?

MarTech Corporate generates 1st party B2B leads for technology organizations looking to target Senior Marketing and Business Professionals. We run objective-driven content syndication campaigns for our clients, generating high-quality B2B leads. Marketing Professionals will then download relevant content, share their business card information, and opt-in to hear from your company directly. Provided a reader meets your target audience criteria and passes our dual AI and manual data validation process, they will be delivered to you as leads every week.