Reach B2B Decision-Makers With Content Syndication

Headley Media's content syndication platforms span 265 websites across 6 brands.

B2B content syndication is one of the most effective strategies used by marketers to reach technology decision-makers while generating high-quality leads.

Choosing reputable, transparent content syndication platforms and suppliers is essential. To guarantee a return on your investment you need to know exactly where your content is hosted and how your leads are generated.

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About Headley Media

Technology companies across the globe trust Headley Media's content syndication campaigns to deliver B2B technology leads.

We own 265 content library websites across 60 countries in 32 languages. We promote educational content to our well-established audience of senior technology professionals on behalf of our clients, who need to reach technology buyers and generate high-quality B2B leads.

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Content Syndication Best Practices

Our Approach to Lead Generation

Many B2B marketers feel frustrated with content syndication lead generation and are left paying for poor-quality leads from questionable sources. And with companies and consumers now empowered by data-protection laws worldwide, these concerns are only growing.

That’s why Trust, Transparency, and Integrity remain our guiding principles.

100% Digital Blue

100% Digital

We run all our content syndication campaigns 100% digitally, ensuring your leads are up-to-date and fully traceable to the source.

Transparent Reader Journey Blue

Reader First

Our websites are free from adverts, eliminating noise and providing our audiences with a distraction-free reader journey, direct to your content.

Custom Opt In Blue

Custom Opt-In

The download form to access your content includes a custom opt-in statement and an unchecked tick box, meaning your leads have agreed to be followed up.

Professional Audiences Blue

Professional Audiences

Our ever-growing audiences of Senior Tech Professionals and business decision-makers rely on our websites when searching for high-quality and reliable information they can trust.

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Business Emails

Readers must provide us with their business email addresses to access your content. In turn, this provides you with relevant professional prospects ready for nurturing.

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Data Validation

Before being delivered to you as leads, readers who download your content are subject to our dual AI and manual data validation process for quality control and reverification of their contact details.

Content Syndication FAQs

What is content syndication in B2B?

Content syndication in B2B marketing is when you share your promotional content - such as whitepapers, eBooks, research and case studies - with a wider audience via a 3rd party, usually for the purpose of lead generation, though also to raise awareness of your brand. The 3rd party ideally hosts relevant content libraries for your audience, where your content can be downloaded and each reader’s contact details collected to be given back to you as a lead. 

How does content syndication work?

At Headley we use content syndication to generate B2B technology leads.

We host content on behalf of our clients across our portfolio of content library websites, to be downloaded as educational resources by technology professionals. Our audience of technology professionals give their business card information on your content download form in return for your content, at which point they are eligible to become technology leads. We follow a dual AI and manual data validation process before delivering leads to our technology clients.

How do you generate leads for B2B technology companies?

We generate high-quality B2B leads with a traceable digital footprint. Our approach is 100% digital and our transparent lead generation process lays the foundation for all our lead generative services.

Headley Media's Single Touch, Double Touch, Nurture Track, or SoftBANT lead gen services can be combined with a number of campaign enhancements to create bespoke campaigns and highly targeted leads, based on our clients' lead generation objectives. Our campaign enhancements include ABM, Intent TargetingProgrammatic Display, and other Audience Intelligence strategies.

What makes Headley Media different to other lead generation suppliers?

We stand out from the crowded B2B lead generation industry by delivering high-quality and fully traceable prospects 100% digitally.

We generate 1st party leads using our portfolio of 262 content library websites, and we never outsource our campaigns to 3rd parties. Our transparent approach to lead generation means we can provide complete visibility into how we generate B2B leads for our clients, including when each prospect consented to share their data.