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1st March 2024

What Is FinTech Lead Generation?

FinTech lead generation connects B2B technology companies with relevant decision-makers within the financial industry.  FinTech lead generation is often a specialist service due to the niche nature of job titles technology companies need to reach.

Technology lead generation focuses on gaining contacts for your business to nurture and sell to. Within financial lead gen, those contacts might be head of finance roles such as Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) or accountants, bankers, pension specialists, and insurance underwriters.

However, it's also important to remember that the technology buying committee for your fintech solutions is likely to span far wider than the finance department. Departments such as IT, Cybersecurity, HR and Marketing are also likely to have some involvement, depending on your products and services.

There's also a wide range of businesses to target for financial lead generation. Your technology might be a software suite designed for major banking corporations, or it might be SaaS accountancy software that can be applied to any business.

Regardless of what type of company you're targeting, the person buying the technology will be money-minded, conscientious, and more trusting of respected brands.  

That's why the best fintech marketing ideas revolve around offering valuable content and building a strong reputation.

In this guide to fintech lead generation, we'll explore the following:

  • How to generate B2B finance leads.
  • What fintech marketing strategies are the most effective.
  • How to get started with financial lead generation.
  • How to choose the right fintech lead generation supplier.
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How to Generate B2B Finance Leads

Managing money is one of the strictest functions of any business. There is no room for error, which is why financial professionals don't mess around.

Finance decision-makers have a lot of regulations and industry news they need to keep up with, and not a lot of time. So reaching them for lead generation is a matter of cutting through the noise and providing them with something valuable. 

For example, when running a fintech lead generation campaign you should:

  • Offer your target audience high-value content, for example, in exchange for their business card contact details.

  • Generate B2B leads via content syndication platforms you can trust, such as FinTech Corporate.

  • Only work with a transparent specialist who can show you exactly how your fintech leads have been generated. For exammple at Headley Media, we are 100% transparent about how your lead generation campaigns are run. Take a look at our Reader Journey page for an example.

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What Fintech Marketing Strategies Are the Most Effective? 

Content Marketing 

Because technology decision-makers in the financial sector need to keep up to date with many industry regulations, they are always on the hunt for educational content. This gives you a significant advantage in fintech marketing if you produce high-quality, educational content.

Have you heard the term demand generation? Many people often confuse lead generation vs demand generation, but they are different B2B marketing strategies. Demand generation is all about building your brand and attracting inbound leads over the long term.  

Content marketing is perfect for fintech demand generation: you can produce blogs, guides, research reports, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, videos (the list goes on!) to drive brand awareness amongst your target audience, ready for when they are in an active buying cycle. Typically your content will be ungated when creating it for demand generation purposes.

Using content marketing to generate demand is a strategy you should consider taking an "always on" approach to. For example, you might run paid ad campaigns across LinkedIn, display advertising, and content syndication to continually promote your educational content to new and highly targeted audiences. 

Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation

Account-based marketing (ABM) targets a specific list of companies or individuals who are most likely to buy your product. ABM tailors your lead generation campaigns to meet their needs, for example by identifying their need for a product or solution like yours and tailoring your campaigns to educate them on how your business solves their challenges.

ABM lead generation is a personalized approach, and it's effective. A LinkedIn study found that well over half of marketers use account-based marketing and plan to increase their budget for ABM over the next year.  

ABM is a powerful strategy for financial technology lead generation. Because of the individualized approach, fintech lead generation allows you to be direct in your communications and offer an upfront benefit, so your targets are less likely to feel like their time is being wasted.  

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Content Syndication 

Content syndication is our favorite method of finance lead generation. Content syndication is a step up from content marketing, ensuring your useful content is seen by the right people with a clear objective; to generate leads.  

Content syndication works by hosting your content on reputable, 3rd party content syndication platform, owned by a lead generation specialist (like us, Headley Media).

For example, our FinTech Corporate content libraries are used as trusted sources of information by professionals in the FinTech sector.  

In return for free resources from top technology companies, our audience of senior finance professionals give us their contact details via a content download form. Over time, we build this into a list of leads that we then give back to you on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis.  

It's a beautiful method of financial services lead generation because there's real trust in the FinTech Corporate brand and our clients give valuable content to our readers.

There are lots of ways you can enhance a content syndication lead generation campaign to generate fintech leads.

From layering your campaigns with intent data to asking profiling and qualifying questions, you can gain extra data about each of your financial prospects which you can use to enhance your lead nurturing campaigns.

Top Tip 

When choosing a content syndication specialist to work with to deliver your fintech lead generation campaigns it's important to choose a transparent and reputable supplier.

For example, at Headley Media, we pride ourselves on providing a 100% digital trail, which includes full authentication of each lead. Not all suppliers do this, so it's worth doing your research! Use the Quality Lead Generation Checklist to help you when researching who to work with.

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Financial Lead Generation – How to Get Started  

If you're not already creating content, such as blogs and eBooks, and sharing them online for the purpose of fintech demand generation, it's a great place to start. 

Ensuring there's a content production element in your marketing department will help you position yourself as a FinTech thought leader. It's one of the best ways to extend your reach on social media, gain leads organically and build your brand presence: potential customers will come to know you for your expertise in the field. 

Work with your sales and customer care teams to help you decide what sort of content to put out, and on what topics. Your customer-facing colleagues will know your existing customers' pain points and be able to give you a fresh perspective on what's important.

Once you're producing useful content, you don't have to give it all away for free. You can use the most valuable eBooks, case studies, research reports, and whitepapers for content syndication.  

Top Tip

A good FinTech lead gen agency will be able to help you choose what content to syndicate. Take a look at how to enhance your content syndication using the buyer's journey, which helps you choose the best content to use based on your prospects' buying position.

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FinTech Content Syndication Examples

There are different types of content syndication lead generation for finance companies. Here are some popular examples we see at Headley Media: 

  • A Single Touch campaign is a popular lead generation strategy. Single Touch lead generation promotes your content to Finance professionals, who then go on to download one piece of your content. Your leads are then authenticated to ensure their contact details are accurate and they are a relevant prospect. Your newly generated leads are then deliver to you at regular intervals, for example on a weekly basis.
  • In a Double Touch campaign, each lead downloads two pieces of your content, doubling their exposure to your brand. 
  • Nurturing your leads before you sell to them is a critical part of lead generation for B2B finance. With a Nurture Track campaign, we'll do some of that for you: your leads will be educated on your technology products and services before they're delivered to you.  
  • A SoftBANT campaign assesses leads based on Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe to establish whether they're a good fit for your business, and what buying signals they're presenting. It allows you to prioritize your leads according to when they're most likely to buy. 
  • You can also enhance your fintech lead generation campaigns, for example by using ABM, intent data targeting, or FinTech display ads
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Choosing a Lead Generation Company for FinTech 

Choosing a lead generation company for finance can be difficult because there are quite a few shady players.  

These agencies might outsource your lead generation to 3rd parties, and often won't authenticate leads properly – so you end up with a list of contact details that are inaccurate or out-of-date, and no idea of where they came from. It doesn't matter how cheap an agency is if the ROI is poor.  

Your lead gen agency will ideally host your content on their own content libraries, which they should be able to show you. Ask them about the process from the lead's perspective, and how they authenticate each lead.

At Headley Media, we use a dual manual and AI approach to lead validation. This includes cross-referencing against several sources, including LinkedIn and government business registries, to ensure each lead's details are correct. You can use our Quality Lead Generation Checklist to make sure your lead generation agency is up to the mark.  

Aside from how transparent and honest your lead generation agency is, it's important that they're a recognized brand in the fintech industry. Trust is a big deal to busy finech professionals. It's best to align with an institution they can rely on.  

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