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11th January 2023

Introducing Cybersecurity Corporate 

Headley Media is delighted to announce the launch of a sixth brand: Cybersecurity Corporate.

Joining Headley Media's portfolio of content syndication platforms, Cybersecurity Corporate empowers tech and cybersecurity marketers to reach and engage with senior professionals responsible for cybersecurity purchasing worldwide.

Reach Cybersecurity Influencers & Decision-Makers With Cybersecurity Corporate

Building trust with cybersecurity decision-makers is key. 

Cybersecurity professionals need to know that the investments they're making in security technology can respond rapidly to ever-evolving cyber threats. This means you need to continually engage with your cybersecurity audiences to reaffirm and showcase your company’s expertise and solutions.

So, how can you build trust and reach the right cybersecurity influencers authentically and sensitively with Cybersecurity Corporate?

Cybersecurity Corporate's Audience

With Cybersecurity Corporate, you can reach the right people by engaging with decision-makers when they’re in their research phase.

With the addition of over 60 websites in 32 languages, Headley Media’s latest brand empowers B2B technology companies to reach and engage with Senior Cybersecurity Professionals, influencers & decision-makers worldwide. 

Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable investment for businesses worldwide, and decision-makers involved in purchasing cybersecurity technology extend wider than IT departments.

Cybersecurity Corporate's growing and engaged readership give technology marketers an invaluable opportunity to reach Senior Cybersecurity Professionals on a global or local scale; in over 60 countries in 32 languages. 

How does the Cybersecurity Corporate audience differ from the existing IT Corporate audience?

How Does Cybersecurity Corporate Work?

Cybersecurity Corporate delivers B2B content syndication campaigns to generate high-quality leads, 100% digitally.

Our lead generation process is completely transparent and trusted by global technology brands you'll recognize worldwide.

Every lead generation campaign is bespoke and designed to help you reach the specialist target audiences you need. 

Reaching a Cybersecurity-Conscious Audience

Cybersecurity marketing is all about reaching and influencing the right people. Professionals and decision-makers involved in cybersecurity technology need to know they can trust your brand’s products and solutions before they commit to buying. 

Cybersecurity and technology professionals demand complete control of the buying process, relying on trusted sources above all others (TrustRadius). Therefore, decision-makers involved in cybersecurity tech spend time the majority of their time researching suppliers before contacting and evaluating their chosen suppliers and solutions.

In fact, TrustRadius found that close to 100% of tech buyers want to self-serve all or part of their buying journey (up 13% from 2021), through whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, reviews, pricing pages, demos, and other content marketing before getting in contact. Cybersecurity Corporate's portfolio of over 60 content library websites empowers you to meet the right cybersecurity decision-makers during their research phase.