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2nd October 2023


Discover how to successfully adapt your marketing strategy to navigate changing markets with our Industry Spotlight: B2B Technology Marketing Through  Uncertain Times.

There’s no denying the last couple of years have been challenging and uncertain. With rising prices, an energy crisis, and an impending recession, it can be hard to see through the doom and gloom. 

When times are tough, ROI-driven marketing activities should be at the center of your strategy. And even if your marketing budget is being frozen or reduced, there are still strategies you can use to continue to hit targets.

The best marketers will win by staying top of mind with prospects, building trust over time, and taking market share from rivals. The question, however, is how best to do this when belts are being tightened and people may be starting to panic?

We spoke with several industry voices and B2B tech marketing experts to get their insights, which helped shape the advice in this eBook.

Insights From B2B Industry Voices:

Max Gordon Max Gordon - International Campaign Manager, Tanium

Sara Foxley   Sara Foxley - Account Director, strategicabm 

Jonathan Bland Jonathan R Bland - Co-founder, Omni Lab Consulting

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