13th April 2023


As a B2B Marketer, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is likely to be a well-versed part of your marketing mix, or at least something you've considered for your marketing strategy.

That's why our eBook, 5 ABM Pitfalls All B2B Tech Marketers Should Avoid, doesn't try to take you through the ABM basics you already know.

Instead, we highlight the five most common mistakes we've seen from over 30 years in the media industry, providing our expertise and helping you avoid these ABM mistakes for yourself!

Download your ABM eBook and learn how to:

  • Create an effective target account list (TAL).
  • Decide the best number of contacts to target per account.
  • Validate your TAL's data.
  • Take advantage of strategic ABM techniques that others often miss.
  • Run effective ABM lead generation campaigns using content syndication.
5 hidden pitfalls of ABM eBook cover

What is Account-Based Marketing? 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a focused approach to B2B marketing. ABM directs your marketing efforts toward targeting a list of prospective customers who you've identified as the best fit for your product, service, or solution.

An ABM lead generation strategy is a great way to align your Marketing and Sales efforts by working closely together on the exact accounts and companies you want to reach. By combining your efforts, you'll identify the best accounts. Your Marketing team will be able to better support your Sales team by creating account-specific messaging and nurturing flows that will appeal to specific prospects. 

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