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17th November 2023

What Are Profiling Questions & How Can They Enhance Your B2B Lead Generation?

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Profiling questions are designed to find out more about your audience and to understand everything from their characteristics and behaviors to their business challenges and upcoming priorities.

Essentially, they are like lead generation survey questions, used to help you gain more insight into your audience from your lead generation campaigns. 

For example, within B2B lead generation, profiling questions are typically used to find out more about your audience to determine whether they are the right fit for your products, services, or solutions. Ultimately, do they fit your ideal customer profile (ICP)? 

If you work with a quality B2B lead generation specialist, they will be able to advise you on the best audience intelligence strategies to use based on your goals and objectives, including profiling questions or qualifying questions. 

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The Power of Profiling Questions

Profiling questions can be an extremely useful addition to your content syndication lead generation campaigns, if used in the right way.  

Content syndication gets your brand in front of the right technology decision-makers by  hosting and distributing your content via external content syndication platforms.

To get the best information from those people that are reading your content, at the point of download, it's worth considering what wider questions your audience could help you answer. 

Alongside finding out more about your audience, profiling questions can be used to enhance your B2B marketing campaigns in several ways.

Below we’ve listed out 5 ways you can use profiling questions that you might not have thought of yet!  

Use Profiling Questions to Understand Buying Habits & Behaviors  

Gain insights into how your target audiences use your type of products.  

For example, how do they search for your type of products? And what challenges do they find with your type of products? Depending on what you need to know, the possibilities are endless!

A reputable B2B lead or demand generation agency will be able to advise on the best profiling questions to ask your audience to understand their buying habits and behaviors.  

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Follow Up With Personalized Content 

Customizing your content based on the answers to your profiling questions will help you resonate better with each audience segment, for example helping you to create a more effective B2B lead nurturing strategy. 

Use the following questions to help you personalize the content you send for each audience segment: 

  • What did they say their challenges were?  
  • What are their upcoming priorities?  
  • What might they be looking for next?  
  • What incentives might help them reach the next stage of their journey?  

The answers to these questions will also enhance your B2B lead scoring plan as you’ll be able to categorize your prospects more efficiently and determine who is more ready to buy, giving them a higher lead score. 

Top tip: Explore more B2B lead nurturing strategies to take your lead nurturing programs to the next level.

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Find Out More About Their Buying Committee  

While finding out more about their buying committee may seem like you’re getting ahead of yourself, as your prospects will likely only be Marketing Qualified Leads at this point, it can be eye-opening to find out roughly the amount of people involved with buying your technology within each company.  

Questions like ‘How many departments in your company would be involved with decision-making for x product?’ can provide useful insights to help you plan your marketing strategy, and to share it with your sales department. 

Product Development & Improvement  

Leveraging the insights from your profiling questions to enhance your products or services based on industry insights can be a great source of knowledge for your product development team.  

Insights can also help demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing within your business. Understanding what your audience values or expects can help you refine your offerings to meet those needs better.  

Use the Questions to Survey your Target Audience  

This is one of our favorite ways to use questions in your lead generation campaigns – not only will you achieve your goals of generating leads, but you’ll also gain valuable insights from your prospects that you can use to create more valuable content; such as an industry report or a new eBook. 

As marketers, we’re forever looking for new and original insights, but if you think about it, the answers to your profiling questions are exactly that and can be turned into interesting industry insights. 

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