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28th November 2022


B2B Lead Generation is constantly evolving. As a result, it can be challenging to navigate through the smoke and mirrors when generating high-quality and relevant B2B technology leads.

As a B2B marketer, lead generation is a vital part of building your pipeline. According to HubSpot, generating leads is the number one priority for marketers. At the same time, 73% of B2B technology marketers say their lead generation activity has increased “significantly” or “somewhat” since the beginning of 2021 (State of Demand Gen 2021).

It’s, therefore, no surprise that Statista forecasts digital lead generation advertising spending will grow to $3.24bn in the United States alone in 2023 (Statista).

How Can You Determine a Trustworthy B2B Lead Generation Supplier?

Unfortunately, lead generation is increasingly being seen as a dark art, with such a wide variety of methods and tactics being employed by some suppliers to generate those much-needed leads.

As a marketing professional, it’s important to ensure you can trust the data you’re receiving. Many B2B technology marketers find themselves questioning the quality of their leads, because their suppliers aren’t transparent about their methods and tactics.

With questionable suppliers, you can’t be sure your leads are genuine or if they will ever translate into sales opportunities. This is perhaps why 61% of B2B marketers say generating high-quality leads is their biggest challenge (Marketing Insider Group).

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