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Generate Technology Leads With Whitepaper Content Syndication 

At Headley Media, our whitepaper marketing services generate high-quality, B2B technology leads using content syndication.

Our lead gen campaigns work by promoting and distributing your whitepapers and similar content to new and relevant audiences.

Getting started is easy. At Headley Media, we provide lead generation services using content syndication.

Our services range from Single Touch and Double Touch to Nurture Track or SoftBANT.

Your dedicated Account Manager will help you decide on the most effective campaign type for your campaign based on:

  • Your campaign objectives
  • The audiences you need to reach
  • Your budget
  • Your campaign's timeframe
  • The content you have available

Your content, usually a whitepaper, research report, eBook, or similar, is hosted on the most relevant of our five brands, spanning 200 content library websites in 60 countries and 32 languages. 

Whitepaper Marketing ROI

Promoting your whitepapers and other types of content to new audiences using content syndication is one of the most predictable marketing tactics you can employ for ROI. 

The most important benefit of this approach is knowing how many leads your campaign will generate before it even begins.

Our lead generation services are delivered with a pre-agreed and fixed cost-per-lead, meaning you'll know exactly how many leads your campaign will generate based on your campaign's objectives and budget.

Contact Our Expert Team to Find Out More

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Headley Media has been a great partner to work with. The team have helped our clients reach senior IT and Finance decision makers globally throughout multiple campaigns, and it’s always an enjoyable experience to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Headley provides a guaranteed minimum number of leads per campaign, as well as detailed information on how they are generated (using their IT Corporate and FinTech Corporate brands), which provides us with the level of detail and transparency we require.