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Generate High-Quality Technology Leads With Headley Media

Why Do You Need B2B Lead Generation? 

B2B lead generation for technology companies is crucial for any successful marketing strategy. In fact, generating leads is the number one priority for B2B tech marketers (HubSpot). 

Running campaigns dedicated to generating new marketing qualified leads (MQLs) regularly is essential. Filling your marketing funnel with fresh prospects provides your business with a constant flow of new contacts to nurture into sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and, ultimately, sales. 

However, generating high-quality and relevant B2B leads can be challenging and highly time-consuming.

Technology companies often work with an external B2B lead gen supplier to generate the high volumes of quality leads they need. 

5 Benefits of Working With a Lead Generation Provider 

There are several benefits to outsourcing your B2B lead generation to a trusted and transparent specialist, including: 

  1. Guaranteed Lead Volumes. You'll know the exact number of leads your campaign will generate for your budget.
  2. Fixed CPLs. Agreeing to a fixed cost-per-lead (CPL) with your supplier while scoping out your campaign allows you to budget confidently. 
  3. Technology Lead Gen Expertise. You'll benefit from a specialist's lead gen expertise; your supplier will know the best ways to generate high-quality prospects according to your campaign objectives. 
  4. Complete Transparency. A reputable provider will not outsource any elements of your lead generation campaign. A specialist should be able to show you their full lead generation process, including when and where your leads were generated. 
  5. Local Language Lead Gen. Lead generation specialists with a global audience will help you create bespoke campaigns depending on the countries or regions you need to reach, taking local language and cultural differences into account. 

At Headley Media, we run all of our lead generation campaigns using content syndication via our in-house portfolio of content library websites.

We provide our B2B technology clients with a guaranteed volume of leads based on their budget and time. 

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Headley Media has been a valued partner for us over several years, delivering successful lead generation campaigns across their IT Corporate and Cybersecurity Corporate brands. Their team creates bespoke campaigns tailored to our objectives, incorporating techniques like ABM and audience expansion, along with lead nurturing. Additionally, all campaigns are delivered at a fixed cost-per-lead, enabling us to more accurately budget and plan our campaigns.  We have complimented and enhanced our lead generation campaigns with Headley Media by incorporating display ads campaigns, which have been treated with the same level of detail and analysis we'd expect from such a quality partner. The ROI from our campaigns has exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend Headley Media's services.