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What Does 'Intent' Mean when it comes to Lead Generation?

'Intent' is the difference between great quality leads, and great quality leads that are looking at solutions like yours, right now. 

Next level insights

The term 'intent data' describes company-level behavioural data that can identify whether a company has expressed desire or interest to invest in your type of products or solutions recently. 

How does it work?

B2B buyers do their homework.

Modern marketers in IT know that the journey to 'book a demo' or 'contact us' is often up to 80% complete before the prospect arrives at your door.

Buyers will have completed their own research; they might have visited comparison sites, review sites and downloaded several pieces of content in their process. The good news is, this leaves behind a trail of digital breadcrumbs that you can use.   

Layer your insights with 1st & 3rd party data 

Data can fall into two types of categories; 1st and 3rd party. 

1st party data is from owned channels such as your CRM. With Headley Media's global titles, 100 websites in 60 countries, our 1st party intent data becomes your hidden strength. 

3rd party data is collected from an intent-data provider, such as Bombora. It's the combination of the two types of data that validates the knowledge into actionable insights resulting in quality, targeted leads. 

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