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Generate High-Quality B2B Leads With Content Syndication

Content syndication is one of the most effective ways to generate B2B technology leads.

Content syndication works by hosting your marketing content, such as a whitepaper, research report, or eBook, on platforms you don't own. Content syndication distributes your content to new and relevant audiences to generate high-quality, targeted leads.

Most commonly, you will work with a specialist content syndication supplier to deliver your campaigns. 

Getting Started With Content Syndication

Getting started is easy. At Headley Media, all of our lead generation services are delivered using content syndication.

Your content is hosted on the most relevant of our five brands, which span 200 content library websites in 60 countries, and 32 languages.

Your dedicated Account Manager will help you scope out the most effective websites from our portfolio to use and the best type of campaign to run based on your objectives.

Our services range from Single Touch and Double Touch to Nurture Track or SoftBANT, depending on your campaign objectives and the audiences you need to reach.

Content Syndication Lead Generation - Your ROI

A content syndication lead generation campaign is one of the most predictable marketing tactics you can employ for a guaranteed return on investment.

Running your campaign with a pre-agreed and fixed cost-per-lead means you will know the exact number of leads your campaign will generate before it begins, based on your campaign's objectives and budget.

      3 Key Benefits of Content Syndication Lead Generation:

      1. Guaranteed Lead Volumes 

      Arguably the most important benefit of content syndication is your ability to generate high-quality B2B leads. 

      Unlike other lead generation tactics, such as LinkedIn or PPC, content syndication is predictable. 

      When you run your content syndication lead generation with a specialist supplier, they'll be able to provide you with a pre-agreed and guaranteed number of leads your campaign will generate.  

      Plus, a reputable content syndication supplier can drip-feed your leads, so it's easier for you to manage. For example, at Headley Media, most of our clients choose to have their leads delivered weekly. 

       2. Budgeting With Confidence 

      Another key benefit of content syndication campaigns is knowing how far your budget will stretch. 

      Content syndication campaigns are typically delivered using a fixed cost-per-lead (CPL) approach.  

      Although other lead generation methods, such as Paid Media campaigns, allow you to control how much you spend, they can't guarantee how much a lead will cost you or how many leads your campaign will generate.  

      We always deliver our content syndication campaigns based on a pre-agreed and fixed CPL with our clients. Taking a fixed CPL approach helps you confidently budget as you'll know the exact number of leads your budget will generate before your campaign begins. 

      3. Reaching the Right Audiences 

      Content syndication enables you to reach new and relevant audiences locally or globally.  

      When you work with a specialist in content syndication lead generation, they should only syndicate your content via websites, channels, or platforms they own. For example, we generate leads for our B2B technology clients across the most relevant of our portfolio of content library websites.   

      A reputable content syndication supplier will help you reach new and relevant audiences. Plus, they won't outsource your campaigns, and the leads they generate will be using 1st party data only. 

      Contact Our Expert Team

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      Headley Media continues to be a go-to lead generation partner for our clients. They constantly deliver strong, quality results and are always sharing ideas for campaign optimization. Their customer service is top of the line which makes working with them even better!