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Why is ABM the Right Approach?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is one of the most commonly used methods to generate more targeted leads.

In fact, 70% of marketers report using ABM in 2021 according to Hubspot - and in B2B technology companies, that number is likely to be even higher.

ABM describes the type of targeting that can be applied to a range of marketing and advertising tactics. When your goal is lead generation, an account-based targeting approach is most successful when applied to a content syndication campaign. The process of which involves targeting a specific piece of content at your predetermined ABM list and collecting the details of the engaged contacts via a form.

The reason ABM is so popular is simple. It’s effective.

By targeting marketing efforts based on individual companies or accounts, you can improve customer or prospect engagement by directly addressing their pain points.

Remember, B2B buyers do their research before contacting you as a potential solution provider. So, reaching out to them first with content that is perfectly aligned to their early research stages will help you get ahead of the competition.

ABM campaigns help you:

  • Get the most effective use out of your content
  • Place your content in front of exactly the right people
  • Create engaging and memorable relationships with prospects
  • Increase lead quality

How does ABM and Content Syndication Work at Headley Media?

Headley Media’s approach to content syndication is simple and transparent. Depending on the industry of your target audience, your campaign can be hosted on any of our 100 websites for B2B technology audiences. Specifically, this means professionals that are key decision-makers or influencers responsible for buying technology within IT, HR, Marketing, Finance or Electronics.

When it comes to ABM, you’ll be guided by your lists.

If you don’t have an ABM list, that’s okay. We’ll start by defining your audience via your general targeting criteria; location, job title, seniority, areas of responsibility, company size and so on.

If you have a small list, that’s okay too. Being hyper-targeted can work well in specific situations or, given our expertise in lead generation and our 30+ years' experience in the industry, we can dive-in and set up lookalike audiences to expand your target pool if you’d prefer.

It's also important to remember that with ABM there are two ways to use target lists - for inclusion or for exclusion. Exclusion for example, might be needed if you have a list of certain competitors to be avoided, or even perhaps current customers that you don’t need to re-engage with right now.

Once your campaign parameters are good to go, we’ll discuss campaign specifics, your fixed CPL (cost-per-lead) and look to get started.

Types of Content for ABM Lead Gen Campaigns

It’s important to consider the type of content you will use for your ABM campaign. The more relatable the content is for your audience, the better it will resonate and engage them. 

In terms of the best format, your campaign content can be anything that your prospects will find valuable - in B2B technology, this is often a whitepaper or ebook but can just as easily be an on-demand webinar or podcast episode. In fact, over the last 18 months we’ve seen interest and engagement in video content rise considerably. 

Your target ABM list will determine the best topic to focus on - often pieces discussing common issues or trends will perform well. Titles can be really influential too, so we recommend a couple of things - 

    1. Consider including a specified number of points or tips the content will address (e.g. 5 Key Considerations for Returning from Remote Working)

    2. Avoid including your company or product name in the title if your prospects are still early in the awareness or research stage 

Return on Investment from ABM

A content syndication campaign that uses ABM targeting is one of the most predictable marketing tactics you can employ for ROI. 

The most important benefit of this approach is knowing the ROI before the campaign even begins. Having a target ABM list and being provided a fixed CPL, you can set your lead numbers and budget and know you’ll have the exact return you need.

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